Bitcoin Investor Review

Trading robots have now become common trading tools. They have been in use in recent years in conventional financial markets, although they were not available to average investors for a long time.

Although robots were not used to trade many crypto currencies in the past, they are now making rapid inroads into this field. Many exchanges of crypto currencies have opened markets to investors, giving them the opportunity to access the market directly. In addition, there has been an evolution of CFD crypto currency trading, which gives traders a more flexible way to trade crypto currencies.

bitcoin investor

However, when you transfer funds to a third party, be it a trading software or an asset manager, there are always risks involved as the security of your money now meets your third party. The risk is greater with crypto currencies, as they have not been around for a long time and the chances of being swindled are very high.

There are many cryptomoney/bitcoin robots like Bitcoin Code, CryptoSoft and many others that come out every day. But things get complicated when it comes time to choose a genuine trading bot.

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What is Bitcoin Investor?

The term can be assumed as a normal person who invests in bitcoin, something that is true. But in this context, Bitcoin Investor claims to be a bitcoin of bitcoin trading.

Is Bitcoin Investor legitimate? Or is it just another scam?
There is very little that is known about the Bitcoin Investor bot. It’s a new cryptomime trading robot and you have to do a lot of research to even find the official website.

We learned specifically that there is no demo account and that is not good for a bot of crypto coins. You’re going to need to try everything before you invest the money.

Although it doesn’t get many comments from traders or investors, there is no major announcement that Bitcoin Investor is a fraud. However, it would be advisable to choose trading bots from proven crypto currencies such as CryptoSoft and Bitcoin Profit.

How does Bitcoin Investor work?

There is very little known about how the robot operates and the only thing we could find on the website is: “Invest in Bitcoin now and you can earn $7,245 daily”. The process to get there is not explained.

However, let’s omit that and assume it’s a trading robot, it’s just a program and of course the programmer knows what’s going on behind it.

You only need to make an initial deposit of 250 euros to start using the robot. The robot takes care of the whole trading process. It is responsible for analyzing the market, organizing trades and also closing them.

Do you want an account at Bitcoin Investor? Here’s how to register
In order to use the services of Bitcoin Investor’s trading robot, you have to open an account with them and also finance it.

Here are the steps to activate an account on the Bitcoin Investor platform:

STEP 1: Create account
If you visit the official Bitcoin Investor website, you will find a dialog box to your right where ‘Start Now’ is written, there you have to fill in your details. This will take you through these three steps.